About a week and a half ago, the 2010 Utah Legislative Session began.  Today, executives from chambers of commerce across our state will convene at the capitol for the Annual Utah State Chamber Winter Conference.  Conference attendees will hear from Speaker Clark, Senate Majority Leader Jenkins, Representative McIff, Representative Dee as well as Kirk Jowers, Lane Beattie, Mark Bouchard, Dick Castner from the U.S. Chamber and Natalie Gochnour (click here for full agenda).  These great business and legislative leaders will address healthcare reform, national business issues, the state budget deficit, gas tax, food tax, sales tax vendor discount, and education, amongst other items.

If you are a member of the Utah State Chamber and are unable to join us, please email me, revans@slchamber.com, and I will happily get you whatever take away materials we end up with or follow me or the state chamber on twitter for conference updates, www.twitter.com/ryan_t_evans and www.twitter.com/utstatechamber

Bringing together those that represent thousands of businesses in Utah is a great thing for our state-wide business community.  Not only do we all learn quite a bit at this conference but more importantly it helps further the efforts at unifying the business voice and strengthening our influence with the legislature.