Member Benefits

The Utah Association of Chambers serves as a coordinating entity for chambers of commerce throughout Utah. It connects Utah’s family of chambers into a “chamber of chambers” that promotes Utah’s business climate by sharing information and collaborating on business events, training and advocacy. Here is a quick rundown on the benefits of membership.

  • Biannual Conferences: Twice a year, the Utah Association of Chambers convenes to improve the effectiveness of chambers of commerce throughout the state. These conferences include seminars, training and awards. The meetings are hosted throughout the state.
  • Scholarship program: The Utah Association of Chambers uses a portion of membership dues to provide scholarships for chamber executives who enroll in national U.S. Chamber, ACCE, WACE, or other approved training courses.
  • Legislative Reception: The Utah Association of Chambers joins with the Salt Lake Chamber to host a legislative reception in Utah’s capital city each year during the General Legislative Session. The reception provides an opportunity for Chamber executives and Board members to meet with elected leaders and promote business interests.
  • Business advocacy: As statewide business issues arise, member Chambers share information, participate in 38-15-1 Legislative Calls and, when appropriate, take a position on public policy issues of significant importance to the Utah economy. In this way, the Utah Association of Chambers serves like a switchboard to share information, build coalitions, and take action on critical issues that impact business.

Types of Chambers

Capital City Statewide Chamber

Just like the capital city serves as the center of commerce, seat of government and transportation hub for the entire state, Utah’s capital city chamber fulfills a statewide busin